Saturday, April 16, 2005

Morizo and Kikoro

Obvoiusly a lot of work went into these guys

The secene: Unknown advertising agency circa 1998.

Section chief walks up to the desk of Mr. Tanaka, one of the company's many employees in the artistic department.

SC: Tanaka, there is going to be a World Exposition in Aichi in 2005, we have been handed the contract to come up with the mascots for the event, they need two. You know, the usual cute generic stuff.
Tanaka: 2005?! That's almost a decade away!
Tanaka: Do we have some kind of theme or something to work with, or do they just want anything?
SC: Apparently the theme is "Nature's wisdom". (Smirks)
Tanaka: Sure chief, leave it with me.

Section chief goes off about his business, while Tanaka throws this project in the bottom of his drawer, thinking, "yeah right, by that time I'll be working for a real, company."

6 years later...

SC: Tanaka!! You got those Expo characters? We have a meeting with the Expo people in 5 minutes! bring you drawing up to the board room.

Tanaka: (In a panic because he hasn't put 2 seconds of thought into the project since it was given to him years ago.) Thinking to himself, "What? Ah shit! expo! what the hell is it they wanted again? 2 mascots, yeah right. theme, theme , what was the damn theme? .....the earth? ,mother nature?, love concrete?, ah yes! nature! Nature's wisdom! (smirks to himself). OK! Nature....oceans....concrete....trees...yes trees! that's it!... Nah,drawing trees will need two colours. need something easier..come on, think!....Shrubs!!! yes one colour AND easy to draw! perfect!
(Hastily scribbles a couple of rough edged circles with dots for eyes.) This will have to do, no concrete but it'll have to do.

And there you have the story of the conception of the world's two crappiest mascots.
But maybe I'm prejudiced because I know a crappy guy who works part time walking around inside Kikoro. That's the small one. Even worse!!! have some dignity man, at least be Morizo.


At 3:11 AM, Anonymous burgle said...

imagine the mocking i got when we someone asked me if id seen tonari no totoro, and i replied that i knew a guy who hands out fliers for the expo as him.


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