Saturday, April 09, 2005

You're nobody until somebody disses you via a vanity publisher

Oh my gawd! Somebody actually hates me! I'm devastated

Word on the street has it that a former friend of mine will soon be publishing a 170 page book through a small Canadian vanity press with a collection of letters that he has written over the past 8 or so years here in Japan.
Apparently I cop a right wallopping and I have even been assigned a codename, which I am very happy to announce is, "Hyatt". I would like to think that it is because I have a lot of class, but it is more likely to be because of The Epicurean's obsession with the Hyatt hotel chain (Platinum 6 years in a row baby). I don't want to complicate matters for our budding author friend but I have recently expanded my horizons to the Marriott.

Rest assured that as soon as The Epicurean gets his manicured little hands on a copy of this "novel" I will post the relavant details here.
In the meantime, click below to read a little story that I wrote a few years ago about an event that I suspect was the beginning of the end of the abovementioned freindship

My side of the story


At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

told you, man..... never even try to mess with your friend's girl.
men are species of territories. once he thinks another man invades his space, that's it. how sad it is to be a male.
Us girls? come on, we are better than that. once i asked my friend if i could go out with her old piece. she said, go ahead. i passed it on to my other friend ,once i was done. am i still their friends? of course.


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