Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Camera tossing

Over on flickr I stumbled across a group of people contributing photos under the label, "camera toss". It is a "technique group" which involves throwing your camera in the air, mostly at night and near various coloured lights and hopfully catching it on the way down. Some of the photos are amazingly beautiful.
Seen here are a couple of my first attempts at camera tossing and I'll be out in the near future trying to take some more. I would imagine living in Japan, home to pachinko, karaoke and the the probable inventor of neon, I'm sure it won't be hard to find some great places to toss.

The group has some strict guidelines too regarding what may be labeled as a camera toss. Apparently it is ok if you don't let go of the strap- as I have been doing- but you must actually let go of the camera. Holding the camera and moving it about, while potentially producing some lovley photos, is not technically camera tossing and you will find any photos taken in this way will be rejected.

You can check out the group here.

Or you can
check out my photostream here if you like.